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We are very proud of our people and our community…AND IT SHOWS! The only thing we like better than having fun at the Ponderosa RV Resort is sharing that fun with new friends and getting reacquainted with long-time friends. The following rules and regulations have been developed in cooperation with the Residents, Management and Ownership to create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere within the community and to ensure fairness for all residents and are designed to protect the rights and property of everyone.

To maintain a 55+ resort, Ponderosa RV Resort conforms to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1988. The Act provides that if the Resort demonstratively caters to persons 55 and older, meaning that 80% of the units are occupied by at least one principal person 55 years of age or older, it will maintain the senior status. The minimum age of a principal or secondary resident in the remaining 20% is 45 years of age.

The Resort is open for year-round residency in designated sites only.

REGISTRATION: Upon arrival, all residents and visitors are required to register and check in at the office. Please arrive before dusk, as we will not park an RV after dark. Please call the office to confirm arrival on your scheduled start date. Check-In Time: 1 pm, Check-Out Time: 11 am

RENTS/OCCUPANCY/CANCELLATION: Site rates are based on double occupancy – 2 age-qualified adults. Rates include water, sewer, trash and basic WiFi. Daily and Weekly rates include electricity but do not include taxes.

Daily, Weekly and some Monthly reservations require full payment based on the reservation booking and start dates. There are no refunds when cancelling a reservation that has been paid in full. If plans change, we will gladly adjust the start date once during the current season, based on site availability. However, any rate adjustments will be due for the new reservation. When extending a Weekly reservation to a Monthly stay, the weekly rate is applied to the extension to cover utility and electricity charges, up to 1 month.

Monthly reservations requiring a deposit may be cancelled for a partial refund if notice is received at the Office within 60-days of the start date. Without 60-day notice, there are no refunds for cancellation. If plans change, we will gladly adjust the start date once during the current season, based on site availability.

Full payment of any remaining balance is due on the start date. Annual reservations are due by April 1st. Late fees are $50, plus $5 per day thereafter. If payment is not received within 10 days, the Resort will 1) cancel the reservation, or 2) charge the balance due plus a 3.5% processing fee to the credit card on file. We accept cash, check, and Visa/MasterCard.

Reservations are considered a "no show" at the end of the 3rd day past the start date. The entire deposit is forfeited, and the space is reassigned. You must notify the Office if you are leaving the resort for 30 days or longer. When notice is not received, the reservation will be checked out on the 30th day and the site will be reassigned without notification to the resident. SITE SELECTION: Site selection is guaranteed for Annual, and 5- or 6-Month reservations only. All other reservations are subject to site change until the day of arrival at Management discretion.

PAYMENT: Full payment, if any, is due on the reservation start date. 6 Month Seasonal residents may pay at check-in if arriving within 5 days of start date. We accept cash, check, and Visa/MasterCard. If payment has not been received within 5 days of start date, a $50 late fee is added to the balance, with an additional charge of $5/day thereafter. If payment is not received within 10 days of the start date, the credit card on file will automatically be charged for the balance due, plus a 3.5% processing fee. Contact the office for more information about fees.

If you plan to leave the Resort for longer than 30 days, please notify the office. After 30 days vacant, without notification, the site will be considered relinquished back to the Resort – no exceptions.

EXTENDING THE RESERVATION: When extending a weekly stay to a monthly reservation, the weekly rate is charged. Long-term reservations may be pro-rated, based on the length of the stay.

When extending a monthly stay, the rate is determined by the number of days extended, but electricity is billed from the original start date through the extended end date.

CREDIT CARD ON FILE: All reservations require a credit card on file to cover unpaid balances. When paying the balance due on your reservation with a credit card, a 3.5% processing fee is charged.

SEASONAL RESIDENTS: Seasonal (April 15th – October 15th) residents are notified by January 15th each year of the new rates that become effective as of April 15th. Seasonal rents are due by April 15th. Any payments received after this deadline will incur a $50 late fee for up to five (5) days late and an additional $5.00 each day thereafter.

ANNUAL RESIDENTS: Annual residents are notified by January 15th each year of the new rates that become effective as of November 1st. A Rental Agreement or a Rental Extension Agreement is required each year for Annual residents. Annual monthly payments are due on the 1st of each month. Any payments received more than five (5) days after this deadline incur a $50 late fee and an additional $5 for each day thereafter.

Seasonal and Annual residents are required by the County Assessor to periodically update MH/RV information for tax role purposes. The Resort, when requested by the County, will administer that request and residents are required to provide the information to the Office without delay.

GUESTS & AGE RESTRICTIONS: Because Ponderosa RV Resort is an age qualified (55+) designated property, at least one registered resident must meet age requirements. Additional resident must be at least 45 years of age.

A Visitor stays for the day…All Residents may host Visitors who stay for the day. Visitors are required to adhere to resort rules & regulations.

A Guest spends the night! ONLY long-term Residents (2+ months) may host Guests under the age of 45. Registered Resident must be present while guests are at the site, RV and Resort. Maximum number of guests allowed at one time is 3. Guests may stay up to 14 consecutive days; maximum stay is 28 days per season. Unregistered guests will be asked to leave the resort immediately. Guests are not allowed to bring pets to the resort. Guests may be asked to purchase a ticket for posted events. Children must be supervised by an adult while at the resort. Children are only allowed in the Clubhouse with a supervising adult. Residents are responsible for damages &/or charges created by their guests. Visitors and Guests must follow all resort Rules & Regulations. Guest Fee: $5/day or $25/week (no fee for guests under 2 years of age). We do not allow sub-letting of any kind. If a unit is sold, it must be removed from the Resort, unless Management has provided approval to remain on-site.

MAIL: Residents staying at least 1 month are assigned a USPS mailbox; the mailbox number is the same as the occupied site number. Mailboxes are located on the south side of the clubhouse. Incoming mail is addressed as follows: Name, Ponderosa RV Resort, 1664 Ponderosa Lane, Space # ____, Lakeside AZ 85929. When leaving the resort each season, you must complete and submit a Standard Postal Forwarding Form to the post office. These forms are available at the office.

UTILITIES: Water/Sewer: There is no charge at this time for water or sewer. Water is limited and expensive in Arizona, so please conserve always. Bucket washing/rinsing with an automatic shut off nozzle is allowed for washing vehicles. Each resident is required to install the proper sewer connection from their unit to the resort hook-up. As required by city, county, state or federal codes, connections types are classified based on unit type as follows: 1) Temporary units that leave the resort at the end of the stay/season: connection must include an industry standard vinyl hose and sloping devise with a gasket/ring style seal; 2) Permanent units that remain at the resort year-round: connections must be a hard vinyl type permanent sewer line.

Electricity: Daily and Weekly rates include electricity. Monthly and Annual residents receive a monthly invoice for metered use and payment is due upon receipt. We accept cash, check, Visa and Mastercard for payment. When resident(s) have checked out without paying electricity fees, the card on file will be charged and an invoice sent to resident. The Resort does not provide 30- or 50-amp adapters, so bring them along just in case. Residents are not permitted to install locks on Electrical Pedestal boxes, but can wrap a cable lock around the pedestal to secure a surge protector.

If payment is not received within 5 days of the invoice date, we will charge the cost, a $5 late fee, and a 3.5% credit card processing fee to the credit card on file. We will send an email receipt for any payments charged to a credit card. Pricing is subject to change based on cost of power from Nav-Apache and tax allocations by the State of Arizona. There is a monthly $8 admin fee for electricity billing. We will waive the fee until usage reaches a total of $20, but thereafter the fee is billed monthly. Meters are read on or before the last day of every month. Invoices are distributed and due within 5 days of invoice date. A $5 late fee is assessed on the 6th day and an additional $1/day thereafter until paid in full. When a resident arrives for the first time during the season and that date is 15 days or less from the next scheduled meter read date, an invoice is issued during the next billing cycle.

Electricity Billing Procedure: Meters are read, charges processed, invoice is emailed to resident, &/or placed in resident's clubhouse box (box number corresponds with occupied site number). Residents are required to retrieve invoice and pay by due date. Submit invoice with payment to the office. If resident is absent from the resort during this period, make payment arrangements prior to leaving. Invoices are payable within 5 days of the invoice date. A $5 late fee is assessed on the 6th day and an additional $1/day thereafter until paid.

Trash: Bins are located by the office. Trash must be placed in a plastic bag. Break down cardboard boxes before placing in bins. Large and heavy items, such as furniture, wood, metal, concrete, etc. are not allowed in the bin. If refuse pertains to fish remnants, it must be wrapped in at least three layers of newspaper and bagged in at least triple thickness airtight bags. This refuse can only be placed into the bins that are labeled "fish remnants".

Propane: Propane is delivered by outside vendors; resident contracts directly with vendors. The office will provide a vendor list. Propane tanks must always be maintained to industry standards.

Winterization: It is the Resident's responsibility to winterize their unit prior to leaving the Resort. Please remove all trash, potted plants, etc. from the site prior to departure to allow the Resort to perform maintenance as needed.

SITES: Sites remain under the direct control of management. Sites cannot be sub-rented. Resident shall maintain site in a clean and fire-wise condition and care for all plants, trees and shrubs. Periodically, the resort may require resident to update, upgrade, or change the appearance of the unit or the site. Resident will be provided notice to the type and extent of the requirements and will be provided adequate time to complete changes. Should a site require general maintenance, the resident receives a notice to this effect and is given 10 days to remedy the situation. If issue is not resolved after the 10-day period, management, at its discretion, will arrange for the work to be completed and resident will be invoiced $100/labor hour and any related fees. Plants may not be removed or added without approval of management. Underground utility lines run across/along the sides of each site; be very careful when digging.

Leaving the Resort: When preparing to leave the resort, Resident is responsible for removing all personal items, structures, etc., from the site and must relinquish the site back to the Resort in the original condition. The Resort will invoice the resident $100/per labor hour and any related dump fees and the invoice will be charged to the resident's credit card.

FIRES: Only propane fire rings are permitted at your site. Charcoal grills are not permitted, but grills and smokers that use electricity, propane, or wood pellets (contained in a firebox) are approved for use, so long as they are not disturbing to the community. The Resort provides a community fire-pit available for use ONLY AFTER CHECKING AT THE OFFICE FOR LOCAL FIRE RESTRICTIONS.

RVs & Mobile Homes: All units must be maintained in good condition while parked at the Resort. Management will report needed maintenance to Resident for compliance. All units must be fully self-contained.

New Move-ins: A site plan must be submitted and approved by management prior to start of construction. Construction must meet ALL resort, city, county, state and federal rules and regulations. If permits are required, it is the responsibility of the resident to secure and post the necessary permits and completion inspections and to provide copies of all completed permits to the office. All permanent units are required to have vinyl skirting in place within 30 days of move-in. Extensions of time may be given by Management for good cause, not to exceed an additional 60 days.

Care: Winterizing of units, cleaning of roofs, decks, awnings or carports, replacement of broken windows, doors, sheds, shutters, etc., are the responsibility of the resident. A list of approved vendors that are licensed and insured and in good standing with the resort and residents is available at the Office – no other vendors are allowed to perform services at the resort until a certificate of liability insurance is provided to the Office.

Selling: Resident must receive written permission from management to sell if the unit is to remain at the resort; management will inspect the unit and provide a required repair/improvement schedule. This schedule is to be completed either 1) prior to sale or 2) disclosed to buyer before the sale is final. Buyers must meet all qualifications and approval from resort management before sale may take place. Resident may place a small (not to exceed 12" x 18") ‘For Sale' sign in the window of the unit. If unit is taken from the resort, the site must be returned to its original condition.

STRUCTURES: Decks, Screen Rooms, Awnings, Sheds: Contact the Office if you plan make site improvements. The Site Improvement Policy defines the process for requesting approval to any improvements prior to installation. A site plan must be submitted and approved by management prior to start of construction. All construction must meet resort, city, county, state and federal rules and regulations. If permits are required, it is the resident's responsibility to secure any and all necessary permits and completion inspections and provide copies of all completed permits to the office. Only one shed is allowed per site.

Fencing: Perimeter/privacy fencing is permitted: however, strict guidelines have been established. A site plan must be submitted and approved by management prior to start of construction. The site plan must include all proposed improvements, dimensions and location of adjacent structures. Chain link, wood and lattice are allowed. Chain link height must not exceed 3 feet and wood or lattice must not exceed 4 feet in height. All fencing must be anchored by concrete footings with vertical top supports and end caps. Gates must have four-corner support with professional opening and closing hardware. Fencing must not be constructed within 6 feet of an adjacent unit or structure.

STORAGE: Standard outdoor furniture, bicycles, and BBQ grills may be stored outside the unit. Clothing, blankets, towels, etc. may not be hung outside the unit at any time. Storing of items underneath the unit is allowed if unit is skirted. Boats and RVs must be stored in the designated storage area, spaces assigned by management. Trailers are not allowed to park at sites.

PARKING: Each site provides one vehicle parking space. There are a limited number of sites that accommodate a second vehicle; these sites are assigned at the discretion of management. Visitors and guests must park their vehicles in the designated visitor parking area.

RESORT FACILITIES: Bathrooms/Showers: Located next to clubhouse and available for use by residents and guests only. Please clean up any spills after using the facility. Turn off lights but DO NOT lock doors when exiting.

LAUNDRY: Located next to office, open 24-hours with keypad code provided at check-in. Cost for wash or dry is $1/per load. Please do not overload machines and follow posted rules.

CLUBHO– USE/RAMADA: Open 8a- 9p daily, or until last clubhouse activity ends. The resort's Activity Group periodically schedule events that limit availability of certain areas. Please consult the calendar of events (located in the clubhouse), the monthly newsletter, or in inquire at the office. Residents and guests enjoying the facilities must not interfere or cause other residents or guests the full enjoyment and use of those areas. Violations of this rule will cause management to suspend or revoke the privileges of the resident or guest.

SMOKIING: Smoking is not allowed in any facility buildings. Smoking is allowed outside but within 25 feet of operable windows and doors – please be courteous to fellow residents. Please discard smoking remnants in the proper containers, do not throw on the ground.

UNDER-AGE GUESTS: Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the showers, laundry, clubhouse (including billiard table, fitness equipment and audio/visual system) at any time. Children must be supervised by the host resident at all times while at the resort. All tables, chairs, equipment and personal items must be returned to the designated storage area after each use or event.

CLUBHO– USE BOX: Each site is assigned a box at the Clubhouse; the number corresponds with site number. Please periodically check your clubhouse box for messages and communications from the manager and or others.

OFFICE/TELEPHONE MESSAGES: All emergency messages left at the Office are delivered to resident immediately during office hours. Emergency recorded messages received after office hours are delivered to resident when the office re-opens.

PETS: All pets must be registered at time of check in, 2-pet maximum allowed per site. Breed Restrictions include Pit Bulls, Rottweiler's, Doberman Pincers, Chows, Wolf Hybrids, etc. and Management reserves the right to disallow additional breeds at their discretion. Pets must be licensed, and Pet owners must carry a home owner's insurance policy with liability coverage for their pets. Management may require pet owner to provide proof of insurance, immunization and city licensing for pet. A Designated Pet Area is provided at the resort. Please use the provided bags and bins to dispose of pet waste. Pets are not allowed in any resort building at any time. Pets must be on a leash when outside your home and while walking anywhere in the Resort. Pet owners are responsible for the immediate clean up and disposal of pet waste. Do not allow pets to urinate on or around sites and the Clubhouse area. Pens/Fences are allowed at your site but must be maintained accordingly – resort personnel will advise on requirements. Never leave pet outside unattended at your site. Please report chronic Pet Noise to management immediately – excessive noise may require guest to remove pets at management's discretion. If this occurs and the resident chooses to vacate the resort, there are no refunds for unused rent. Service Animals MUST be registered at check-in and are considered one of the 2-pets allowed per site. All other standard rules apply to Service Animals. Guests are not allowed to bring pets to the resort. Resident must register any new pet acquired during their stay.

VEHICLE SPEED LIMIT AND POSTED SIGNAGE: Please observe the posted 5 mph speed limit when driving in the resort. Pedestrians and carts always have the right of way. Always observe resort signage and avoid parking and driving vehicles in restricted areas. An adult must accompany children under the age of 16 when riding bikes/scooters in the resort.

COMMUNITY: Please observe the posted 5 mph speed limit when driving in the resort. Pedestrians always have the right of way. An adult must accompany children under the age of 16 when riding bikes/scooters in the resort. Quiet time is from 10p – 7a daily. Loud noise that disturbs immediate neighbors may result in eviction. Please be considerate of fellow residents. Commercial or private business, including auctions and individual yard sales are not allowed. The resort and its address may not be used for the purpose of advertisement or sale of merchandise. A Satellite Dish may be installed on a stand or on blocks at the site but may not be attached to trees or Resort structures and may not block the drive or another site. Dishes must be maintained in a visually appealing manner. Consult with Management for appropriate placement of a dish at your site. Other: Driving nails into trees is not permitted. Do not attach or string cables on trees or other Resort structures. Soliciting is not permitted. Please observe the posted cleaning times for the resort facilities. You may have hummingbird feeders; all other feeding of birds and wildlife is prohibited. No overhauling or maintenance work of any unit or vehicle is permitted within the resort unless approved by management.

Management will make every reasonable effort to provide a clean and safe environment for all to enjoy; however, the owners and managers of this resort will not be responsible for fire, theft, and accidents to person or property, vandalism or any act of God. The ownership and management reserve the right to change or revise these guidelines, as they deem necessary. All notices of such revisions will be posted on the resort's website. It is the responsibility of each resident to provide both physical damage and liability insurance coverage for their unit.

The owners and managers are always pleased to hear of those who have extended superior service to you. If at any time you feel we have failed to make your stay with us a pleasant one, please let us know. Please direct all correspondents to: Ponderosa RV Resort, 1664 Ponderosa Lane, Lakeside, AZ 85929 or

Violation of rules by residents will result in immediate eviction – any prepaid rents are forfeited, and NO Refunds are given. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and to modify rules and regulations at any time. The Resort assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or loss for any cause to a person or property while at the Resort. Your registration acknowledges your receipt of, and agreement, to these guidelines.

With payment, you; 1) confirm understanding of the Ponderosa RV Resort Cancellation Policy, 2) agree to review and abide by the rules and regulations stated herein and posted at the Resort, 3) agree to allow Ponderosa RV Resort to charge your credit card for outstanding balances, 4) certify that your property and pet(s) are protected by your own insurance coverage, and 5) agree to hold Ponderosa RV Resort and it's representatives harmless in the event of a property or personal loss, 6) agrees to relinquish the site back to the Resort when checking out prior to the reservation end date and understands that unused rents are not refunded.

Revision Date: June 2020

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